Holistic Treatments

Hot Stone Therapy From £23

Warm, sooth and harmonise your body to the deepest level, as the stones melt away stress and revitalize the mind, body & soul.

30 minutes for £23
45 minutes for £33
60 minutes for £42
90 minutes for £50
Aroma Stone Therapy From £24

A unique blend of soothing hot stone therapy and aroma massage using specific Eve Taylor pre-blends to give a personal precise treatment tailored specifically to your needs.

30 minutes for £24
45 minutes for £32
60 minutes for £42
90 minutes for £50
Back Neck & Shoulder Massage From £29

Designed to suit your needs using a blend of essential oils.

45 minutes for £32
Massage Combo From £32

A unique combined experience of soothing warm stones with a massage blending together for those stressed and aching muscles.

45 minutes for £32
60 minutes for £42
Reflexology Foot Therapy From £25

A therapeutic treatment, working on the pressure points which relate to certain parts of the body to promote relaxation and a sense of well being.

30 minutes for £25
Indian Head Massage From £20

By stimulating the blood flow to the scalp, head massage encourages the distribution of nutrients and oxygen to the whole body helping to reduce fatigue, headaches, anxiety, dry skin, hair and muscular tension leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

30 minutes for £20
Sole Delight Foot Massage From £18

Warm mitts are used to cleanse the feet before a blend of peppermint aroma oils are massaged into the legs and feet to relax and ease tension and relieve swollen ankles. A finishing rich cream is applied to hydrate, replenish and soften hard working soles and feet.

30 minutes for £18
Tantruth Full body Exfoliation and Spray Tan From £30

Attain a natural looking golden flow without dangerous sun exposure. A full body exfoliation including your face is first carried out in preparation for your spray tan, giving a streak free tan lasting 5-7 days.

45 minutes for £30
Tantruth Tanning From £30

Achieve a natural-looking golden glow without dangerous sun exposure. A full body exfoliation precedes lotion application by hand to ensure lasting coverage. Wear loose dark clothing, not best underwear. Disposable underwear can be provided. Ideally no lotions or deodorant should be used prior to tanning.

45 minutes for £30
Tantruth Spray Tan From £21

Treat yourself to an even, streak free, long lasting tan that leaves your skin feeling smooth and flowing. Please note you must exfoliate yourself prior to the spray tan, do not wear deodorant, perfume or moisturizers. Do not wear makeup.

30 minutes for £21